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Safe, Convenient, Reliable and Efficient Powder Dispensing System

  • Automatic dispensing of high performance powders
  • Consistently stable chemical potency
  • Easy-to-handle, spill proof packaging
  • “Closed” system safety and convenience

The Powder Dispensing System prioritize






The Super Clean Instant Load System features revolutionary packaging

  • High performance powdered detergent is dispensed directly from the shipping container.
    • This packaging eliminates waste, spills, misuse and clutter. Even the most unskilled employee can consistently produce sparkling ware with the Instant Load System
  • Unique plastic screen cap is attached to every plastic container.
    • These containers dispense a 100% active, high performance detergent into your wash tank instantly.
    • The Instant Load System can charge even the largest tank in seconds.
    • It reduces costly over shot, long charge times and inconsistent results.

Unlike costly solid or liquid detergents that blend water with powdered ingredients, the Super Clean Instant Load System Offers 100% active ingredients. This system contains stable chlorine for effective stain removal, emulsifiers for heavy soil and water conditioning agents that control water hardness.

The combination of advanced blending, chemistry and packaging lets you observe the dispensing process of the Instant Load System. At a glance, the Dishmachine operator or a manager can see if the product is dispensing properly or if the dispenser needs filling.

To obtain the best possible results at the lowest possible cost, Call Chemtron and ask about our Super Clean Instant Load System.

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